Dapper Labs announced that CryptoKitties, its popular collectible crypto game on Ethereum (ETH), will be released on its Flow block chain.

Flow Blockchain was built by Dapper Labs to address many of the challenges the team encountered when the game „broke“ the Ethereum platform causing congestion in the Ethereum network when it was launched.

Dapper also devised a new programming language designed for smart contracts for Flow called „Cadence“ that is currently being explored by Libra as part of a technology exchange agreement between the two entities.

Dapper Labs announces technology sharing partnership with Libra
Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou told Cointelegraph that Flow comprises „a high performance platform where developers can build NTF applications that can be used by millions of people.

Flow will support increased capacity of CryptoKitties

Roham says that with „the version of CryptoKitties in Ethereum, as soon as a few thousand people start playing, it goes down completely and congests the network.

Despite the obstacles, Gharegozlou revealed that

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attracted more than one million users in the month following the launch of CryptoKitties in November 2017.

„That’s why we built Flow. […] We want to make sure that not only CryptoKitties, but any other NFT has the opportunity to run a high-performance environment, that people build applications for them, and have high-performance markets that can scale to billions of users.

During 2019, CryptoKitties generated more than 2 million transactions, the most of any decentralized application on Ethereum. CryptoKitties was also the fourth largest DApp on Ethereum overall, only behind Tether (USDT) and the two largest decentralized exchanges in the network.

Dieter Shirley of CryptoKitties on the break with Ethereum and Non-Fungible Tokens

CryptoKitties will continue at the Ethereum
Gharagozlou compares CryptoKitties in Flow to a mechanic used throughout the Pokemon series, where users can take their Pokemon or CryptoKitties „into the new environment and play with it, and get access to a whole new game“.

Flow will allow new features to be integrated into the game, including animations and 3D capabilities.


Despite his enthusiasm for the improved performance and new features that Flow will bring to the game, the CEO of Dapper Labs stressed that the „company’s first priority is to take care of the current owners of CryptoKitties,“ adding that he expects CryptoKitties on Ethereum to continue alongside Flow.

Surprising launch at CryptoKitties overloads Nifty, the Winklevoss exchange

An ingenious market overwhelmed by the surprise launch of CryptoKitty
Last week, the surprising launch of a limited series of 100 new CryptoKitties designed by artist Momo Wang overwhelmed the NFT market supported by Winklevoss, Nifty, where the collectible cats were being auctioned.

The 100 kittens sold out in three seconds, one of which sold for $10,500 in a secondary market shortly thereafter.

Two more Momo Wang kittens are being hidden in the CryptoKitties genome to be discovered by the community. Gharagazlou added that „they will be available for sale at the CryptoKitties market as soon as people discover the recipe and start breeding their own.